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The Sweater Dress Is Coming Back For Fall 2023 – Here’s How To Wear It
The Sweater Dress Is Coming Back For Fall 2023 - Here's How To Wear It,Along with the change in weather and the pumpkin spiced drinks, fall also brings back sweater dresses. Luckily, there's more than one way to style the garment.

The Sweater Dress Is Coming Back For Fall 2023 – Here’s How To Wear It

One type of dress everyone should own is a stylish sweater dress. While sundresses are perfect for summer and midi dresses are ideal for spring, sweater dresses scream fall fashion. “The great thing about sweater dresses is their versatility and the array of silhouettes, colors, and fits they come in. This variety ensures there’s a style for everyone and for every occasion,” Lauren Nelson, styling supervisor at Stitch Fix, told Marie Claire. If you want to blend comfortable sweaters with fashionable dresses, let sweater dresses take over your autumnal wardrobe.

Not only do sweater dresses offer cute comfort, but as previously mentioned, they’re super versatile. Whether you want to dress them up with heels, pantyhose, and jewelry or down with leggings and sneakers, there are several looks you can try between fancy and casual. That said, anyone can style a sweater dress to fit their vibe for the upcoming fall, and we can’t wait to see a sea of sweater dresses.

Pair the sweater dress with boots


Whoever believes sweater dresses can’t be sexy hasn’t seen the playful shorter options. While mini sweater dresses may not provide as much warmth as longer garments, shorter sweater dresses pair beautifully with tall boots, which can help prevent you from feeling too chilly while elevating the super chic fall outfit.

Opt for a long sweater dresses to stay warm


On those colder, windy fall days, you’ll be thankful for your longer sweater dresses. However, if you prefer the mini sweater dress look, you can feel warmer by wearing leggings under the mini sweater dress, layering the short sweater dress over a longer garment, or adding leg warmers.

Rock sweater dresses in fall colors


If you’re the type to get excited about fall — enjoying activities like pumpkin picking, sipping apple cider, and decorating your home for Halloween — you should reflect your love for the season by flaunting sweater dresses in fall colors. For instance, warm brown, pumpkin-inspired orange, and rich olive green hues are perfect for exuding fall energy.

Flaunt a pastel sweater dress


Although fall colors are a match made in heaven when it comes to sweater dresses, those aren’t the only colors you should stick to. Other colors, like pastels, always look beautiful on every type of dress, including sweater dresses. That said, look for lavender, pastel pink, light blue, or pale yellow sweater dresses for a girly spin on the look.

Have fun with accessories

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After picking out the color of your sweater dress, don’t forget to accessorize it, especially if it doesn’t have patterns or prints. While there’s nothing wrong with letting sweater dresses do their own thing with no additional embellishments, accessories can help the garments look chic and unique. For example, consider experimenting with scarves, belts, and jewelry to make your sweater dresses reflect your style and stand out.