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Babydoll Dresses Are An Outdated Summer Staple – Here Are Your Chicer Options
Babydoll Dresses Are An Outdated Summer Staple - Here Are Your Chicer Options,Tired of the ubiquitous babydoll dresses that appear on ready-to-wear racks every summer? Here are some chicer options to round out your warm weather rotation.

Babydoll Dresses Are An Outdated Summer Staple – Here Are Your Chicer Options

Babydoll dresses are one of those trends that never seem to disappear completely. Every summer, a new line of familiar-looking, babydoll-style sundresses appears on ready-to-wear racks across the country — and every few years, we even see a resurgence of babydoll looks popping up on runways from major names in fashion. The cut is characterized by a short, minidress hemline and a loose, flirty fit, usually blossoming in volume under the bust. And while one could make the argument that babydoll dresses have ascended to classic, must-have looks, sometimes, “classic” is just one step away from “overdone and boring.”

The seasonal appeal of babydolls is understandable. With a coquettish mix of girliness, whimsy, and airiness, they seem well-matched for both the mood and the weather of summertime. But, ultimately, it’s not interesting for any single style to dominate an entire season. And whether you love the feminine energy of the constantly recurring babydoll fad or have grown weary of the hyper-sweet style, there are plenty of other options to round out your summer wardrobe. Rather than relying on a revolving door of babydoll dresses, you can incorporate variety and individualized style by incorporating these chic alternatives into your warm-weather roster.

Slip dresses

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If you’re looking for an all-purpose substitute for babydoll dresses, may we nominate the sleek and graceful slip dress? Slip dresses are a versatile summer trend that can be worked into nearly any aesthetic. Breathable and lightweight, slip dresses are ideal to beat the heat — plus, their silky sheen complements all sorts of accessories. Throw on a pair of heels for a nice occasion, cute sandals for a relaxing day out, or even chunky boots for an edgy ensemble. And with a bit of romantic trim around the neckline or hem, lace slip dresses are an even flirtier option for all those warm days.

Halter dresses

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Babydoll dresses have had their time in the sun, but now their vibe may be just a little too basic. If you prefer a dress with a more unique silhouette, halter dresses are your summer trend for dynamic necklines. Sleeveless by definition, these dresses are both literally and figuratively cool ways to add interest to your summer wardrobe. Embrace the minimalist elegance of a simple spaghetti strap halter dress, the timeless style of a choker-neck halter dress, or try even more daring designs like this gorgeous and colorful peekaboo crisscross halter dress.

T-shirt dresses

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Seeking an everyday alternative to the tired babydoll look? A classic T-shirt dress is the underrated staple your wardrobe needs. Effortless and casual, T-shirt dresses are equally appropriate for running errands, grabbing a drink, or attending an all-day music festival in the summer sun. While bodycon T-shirt dresses are easy classics, you can also go baggy for a playful, boyfriend-style outfit, or level up your summer look with a flowy T-shirt maxi dress that combines the informality of daily fashion with the easygoing style of resort wear.

Smocked maxi dresses

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Many babydoll dresses feature a smocked bust, and it’s no wonder why — smocked dresses are perfect for comfortable summer style. But if you want to move away from the saccharine-sweet vibe of a babydoll, why not try out a smocked maxi dress instead? Evoking the wholesomeness of a peasant-style top without the excessive cuteness, smocked maxi dresses deliver a refined, vintage sensibility. This is the style to choose if your summer vision board is filled with wildflowers and fields of wheat, bringing a pleasantly pastoral tone to any setting or occasion.

Tent dresses

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Loose and flouncy from the bust downward, one thing we do love about babydoll dresses is their floaty freedom. But they aren’t the only style serving airiness for summer. With all the breeziness of a kaftan but encompassing various chic styles and details, tent dresses could be your perfect answer to summer weather. Explore the barely-there feel of a halter-neck tent dress, or get funky with tent dresses that feature statement collars, like this joyous bohemian design. And if you’re concerned about a Marilyn Monroe moment, simply pair your billowy tent dress with a pair of cute bicycle shorts underneath.