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What Colors Should Be In Your Wardrobe To Complement Pastel Pink? – Glam
What Colors Should Be In Your Wardrobe To Complement Pastel Pink? - Glam,Pops of pink are perfect in any wardrobe, but you need to balance it out with the rest of your clothes. Our tips can help you do so (and look stunning).

What Colors Should Be In Your Wardrobe To Complement Pastel Pink? – Glam

In the words of Miley Cyrus, pink is so much more than just a color; it’s an attitude. Nothing perks up a fashionista quite like adding a touch of pink to a gorgeous outfit. Pink is associated with so many wonderful things, so it’s no wonder it makes us happy to wear it. According to Verywell Mind, pink symbolizes femininity, playfulness, and romance. So, if you’re ever feeling like the protagonist from a romance novel, you probably have pink on. 

Wearing pastel pink may make you stand taller and walk with more purpose in your step, but finding something that matches it can be a challenge. If you want to rock pastel pink in the way fashion experts recommend, we’ve got you covered. You’ll want to pair it with pastel green and blue, white, and more shades of pink. These color combos will make you feel on top of the world.

Make a statement with multiple shades of pink


Oh, pastel pink, how we adore you. Honestly, this passionate color has to be one of our favorites to wear any time of the year. Its playful, feminine edge makes you feel like a total girlboss, and that’s why we’re never opposed to combining it with other shades of pink. It might sound a little extra, but it’s actually an amazing way to make your pastel pink pop even more.

To make this look work, start with a pastel pink base — a flirty halter dress would work nicely — and then layer on a cardigan or another favorite piece that’s in a different but complementary shade of pink. Style expert and founder of Gaâla Kelly de Gaalon told InStyle that layers of pink are perfect for cooler weather. “Elegant silk blouses and lightweight sweaters in fresh, light pink shades — such as those featured within our Cooler Days collection — soften the segue between seasons and provide springtime layering essentials,” the stylist explained. If the weather’s too warm for you to even think about wearing long sleeves and layers, try adding more pink by introducing some glam accessories, like a favorite tote, to the look.

Building an outfit with complementing shades of pink is your opportunity to hop onto the monochrome outfit trend, so don’t shy away from giving this style a try.

These pastels play well each other


Wearing one pastel color is fine, you might think, but wearing it with another pastel? Some might say that sounds like a one-way ticket to resembling an Easter egg basket or an extra from “Heathers.” While at one point it seemed like pastels were relegated to a color meant for children and the 1980s, these delicate colors are coming back in style and in a big way. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber have been spotted in the stylish palette, taking pastels onto the red carpet, and boosting the colors’ popularity. With pastels becoming one of the more popular spring fashion trends, you’ll make a statement by incorporating multiple shades from this color scheme in your outfit at any point of the year.

Two pastels that look beautiful with pink are green and blue (via Budget Brides). You can wear either color in a statement piece, such as a chunky necklace or a colorful clutch. If you’re feeling even bolder, you can pair a pastel pink top with soft blue or green bottoms, or switch it up and wear the pink on the bottom. You can easily add in a little white to soften the look a bit.