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Boxer Shorts Are The Comfiest Fashion Trend – Here’s How To Pull Them Off
Boxer Shorts Are The Comfiest Fashion Trend - Here's How To Pull Them Off,Boxer shorts of various materials and styles are in right now for fashion and comfort. Here's how to make the boxer short trend work for you this summer.

Boxer Shorts Are The Comfiest Fashion Trend – Here’s How To Pull Them Off

This summer has brought a true gift of relaxation and comfort in the form of the boxer shorts trend, lightweight linen, cotton, or seersucker shorts with elastic bands and billowing legs that go to a range of lengths but tend to be styled at mid-thigh (via SILifestyle). They are the ultimate piece of fashion that closets have been missing for years – centuries even! Plenty of pink pairs are going around in honor of Barbiecore, matching sets have found their way to the streets and runways of fashion weeks, and they’re quite literally made for everyone to enjoy now. 

Traditionally worn by men as underwear, the boxer shorts showcased on fashion scenes today are a new mode of the garment. Designed along the lines of loose, airy patterns of the shorts, options trending this summer have been transitioned into classy, upscale looks intentionally created to be worn in public. Boxer shorts have even been styled for high-end fashion when paired with curated accessories. Akin to more free-flowing, even softer versions of paper bag shorts, boxer shorts are devoid of irritating buttons, zippers, and tight waistbands. The Guardian reports that boxer shorts are undeniably more comfortable than current offerings in women’s casual and comfort wear, such as jean shorts, spandex workout shorts, and even polyester running shorts. Think pajamas meets high fashion, which might seem like an impossible thing to consider — until you try on a pair of boxer shorts!

Satin is scrumptious, succulent, and soft

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Full satin boxers and top sets are absolutely luscious, luxurious, and lovable! Even without the top, just the smooth, soft feel of satin boxers is a breath of fresh air, with soft satin grazing your skin. You’ll feel like an upscale, posh stylista every time you wear satin boxers with a stylish pairing of a crisp shirt, sandals or heels, good pair of soft sneakers, or go for the summer trend of socks with open-toed shoes. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin first so the satin fabric doesn’t static cling to itself all day!

Seersucker and button-down shirts are yacht-perfect


Seersucker is the fabric made for summer, literally! Its history is founded in dressmakers needing lighter, more breathable cotton clothing before the invention of modern air conditioning within buildings, reports The Historic New Orleans Collection. Seersucker is also the quintessential embodiment of perfectly preppy and effortless yacht fashion trending this summer. Green striped seersucker is a new favorite alongside pale pinks and blue hues that have hallmarked clothing made from the fabric. Sticking with seersucker tradition, monogrammed boxer shorts are increasing in popularity as seersucker boxers are tailored to women’s bodies. 

Boxers are bold, bright, and look brilliant on everyone!


Bold, bright colors, especially those in Neoncore shades, make the breathability, comfort, and style of the boxer shorts trend even better. The shorts look amazing on everyone and no one should hold back on trying this utterly delicious, relaxed raiment a la mode, aka the ultimate stylish piece. Pair with a crisp white button-down shirt when wearing seersucker boxer shorts. Or go for a bold color — the brighter the better — when wearing colorful boxers to have fun in the sun or simply run errands in an extraordinarily snuggly style. 

Linen luxury makes fashion easier and more versatile than ever

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Boxer shorts can be stylishly paired with heels, tailored shirts, billowing wraps, cardigans, and variations of vests, matching tops, and accessories galore for effortlessly elevated and enviable taste. Equally delicious in taste, at least figuratively so, is the wearability and cozy loungewear that boxers become the moment you get home. They’re the ideal garment for essentially everything, from looking voguish at social events to spending time outdoors with friends to just curling up on the couch. Solid options of lightweight fabrics can be extremely versatile, but so can patterns. 

The luxury of cozy boxers is a universal style

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We love the boxer trend for women because they’re comfort at their best, but we love cozy, classy fashion for everyone even more. Patterned boxer-style shorts with matching tops or overlays, like equally breathable and breezy linen cardigans perfect for beating summer’s heat, are made in androgynous styles and here for everyone to enjoy! Boxer shorts have come billowing onto the scene with a tour de force of comfort, inclusivity, and designs that make you want to toss out your entire closet and restock it completely with boxer styles.

Sheer, macrame, and crochet trends overlap


Boxer-style shorts made from macrame or crochet stitching are definitely in style right now. As sheer garments have their moment as well, the fusion of blended trends couldn’t be more suited for a sunny day at the beach or a day relaxing at home. Boxer shorts, handmade crochet wearable art, and sheer confidence all come together for a “boxerific” trifecta! Even better, crochet and macrame boxer-style shorts are made for men and all people, per It’s a Southern Thing. Once again, this trend is an inclusive breath of fresh air.