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The Viral TikTok Hack That Can Instantly Make A Skirt Out Of Any Dress – Glam
The Viral TikTok Hack That Can Instantly Make A Skirt Out Of Any Dress - Glam,If you're one to have ever wished your favorite dress print can be turned into a skirt, we have good news. A viral TikTok hack can help with that.

The Viral TikTok Hack That Can Instantly Make A Skirt Out Of Any Dress – Glam

Dresses and skirts are both effortlessly beautiful. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the undeniable dresses and boots combo? On the other hand, it’s also fun to experiment with mini, maxi, and knee-length skirt trends. Let’s say you can’t decide between buying a new skirt or a dress — and you don’t want to buy one of each since we know how expensive shopping can be nowadays. In that case, we recommend choosing the new dress because you can transform it into a skirt and wear it as a dress again after, giving you the best of both worlds.

Yes, you read that. Believe it or not, you can style a dress into a skirt without sewing or permanently modifying the garment. Of course, we discovered this on TikTok, as the social media platform constantly delivers innovative style hacks. What you’re about to hear may sound odd, but the hack involves putting your dress on upside down to make it look like a skirt. We know it’s unconventional, but TikTok proves that it can work. 

How to wear dresses as skirts

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As soon as we watched Charlotte Rose’s hack on TikTok, we became super excited about all the dresses we can now start wearing as skirts. In the 10-second video, the TikToker explained that to get the look, all you need to rock the look is wear the dress upside down, add a belt to secure it, and let the rest of the dress hang, covering the belt area, which should end up looking like a real skirt. We still can’t believe the hack is so fast and easy.

Many people appreciated the helpful fashion hack, commenting on Rose’s video, “Wait, but this is genius.” Another user said, “As a business casual girly you just doubled my wardrobe bless.” However, other viewers brought up the valid point that this hack might not work for all body types, writing, “I do not fit [in] my dresses upside down.” A second TikToker asked, “What if [the] top doesn’t fit [the] bottom?” So, while this is a helpful hack for some people, the method isn’t ideal for everyone. In other words, the hack may not be doable for people with pear body types with fuller bottom halves than tops or inverted triangle body types with thicker top halves than bottoms. But even though these beautiful body types may not be suitable for this specific dress-to-skirt hack, everyone can still wear dresses as skirts in other ways.

More hacks for styling dresses into skirts

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If you want to try wearing your dresses as skirts but don’t think the previous TikTok hack would be practical, there are other ways to get the look. For example, TikToker Alexis Kay posted a video of what looked like the easiest way to make a dress look like a skirt — wearing a top over it. In this case, Kay wore a cozy-looking baggy pink hoodie over a light greenish maxi dress, which made the dress look like a long skirt while dressing it down and added exciting contrast to the look. 

Moreover, TikTok user Jéssica Gomes shared a video demonstrating a hack that transforms satin dresses into skirts. Gomes wore body-hugging cycle shorts under a satin dress, pulled the slim straps from her dress down her shoulders and off her arms, and tucked the top of the dress into the shorts until she was left with what looked like a sexy, curve-hugging satin skirt. Furthermore, if you have a dress that’s a bit too large for your body, TikToker Sierra Cannon has a video for you. The dress in her video was a halter strap design, so the Cannon tied the strings around her waist instead of her shoulders. Then she turned the garment around for a cute bow look in front. It looked adorable. All in all, the dress-to-skirt idea is super convenient, so choose whichever hack works best for your body.