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Method Dressing: The Thematic Red Carpet Trend We Want To See Even More Of – Glam
Method Dressing: The Thematic Red Carpet Trend We Want To See Even More Of - Glam,After method acting, Hollywood is now embracing method dressing - where actors channel their characters off-screen. But non-celebs can rock this trend, too.

Method Dressing: The Thematic Red Carpet Trend We Want To See Even More Of – Glam

Method dressing is a trend that is by no means new, yet every interpretation is fresh and exciting. The core of method dressing is creativity, which is why so many celebrities in film, theater, and music are seemingly drawn to the style of crafting their ensembles. According to Fashion, method outfits are wearable stories written by the person donning the attire to bring fictional characters to life, just as many A-Listers have designed their statement-making clothing, accessories, and footwear when attending promotional events for their movies. 

In the non-celeb world, method dressing is a fun way to shake things up, infuse fantasy into your wardrobe, and explore elements of design outside of popular trends and contemporary manners of dress. One of the best ways to do this is through mini-trends that capture the essence of a particular feeling or aesthetic. 

These trends, recognizable by the “core” suffix, have regularly made the rounds alongside pop culture events and movie releases. Originating as embellished, often exaggerated forms of dress intended for brief popularity, trends including Barbiecore, mermaidcore, royalty core, and cottagecore can be used to inspire method dressing in real life. Absorbed by users as a way to channel different characters, try new styling techniques, and live out memorable fashions of the past, method dressing relies as much on the enthusiasm of the wearer as it does on the garments of an ensemble. 

Pay tribute to your favorite celebrity

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TikTok user @dianaamonet describes how actors are jumping into embodying their on-screen characters by embracing modes of wearable design, all while having blasts of fun and lots of laughter. So take inspiration from your favorite celeb to emulate a particular method dressing look. Fans of Blake Lively, for example, can pay tribute to the actor’s “A Simple Favor” method fashion with extravagant blazers, garment trains, and power dressing amplified to the max. 

Express stories that are significant to you


Method fashion is all about the artistry and creativity behind taking on a temporary persona and immersing yourself in clothing that is a wearable story. Taking inspiration from celebrities is an option, but your story doesn’t have to be identically styled as anyone else’s story. Give yourself permission to put your own personalized twists on various inspirations for your method apparel to portray a message that means something to you. Lovers of the TV show “Friends,” for instance, might want to don their own version of Rachel Green-inspired pieces. 

Royally indulge in method raiment

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With the release of several seasons, plus acclaimed spin-off series, of the “Bridgerton” franchise, viewers and fans alike have found ways to craft opulent, ornate outfits in the regal style of royalty core, reports Paper. The coronation of King Charles III, and rising status of the Princess of Wales as an everlasting global fashion icon, have contributed to the mode of method dressing involving tiaras and ruffles, flowing gowns in deep colors, and refined up-do hairstyles.

Your closet is a capsule for method manifestation

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Your current clothing collection likely already contains what you need to manifest your method dressing ambitions. Matching sets, timeless garments, and versatile basics make way for method magic! Blogger Anuschka Rees says method dressing is about “adding and subtracting” items until you’ve achieved your goal aesthetic. Start with basic items you feel confident wearing, then begin tailoring your ensemble as an art canvas or wearable vision board. For full-method Barbiecore like Margot Robbie, embrace dressing yourself as your very own IRL Barbie doll with vintage gingham pieces. 

Method dressing meshes with metallics and more


Challenge yourself to incorporate different textures as you brainstorm the stories and personas you wish to tell through your method outfits. Pair elegant apparel with military-style boots and sheer overlays with hints of color-changing metallics, an other-worldly hue that can represent everything from mermaid scales to time-travel.    

Go gothic any time of the year

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Jenna Ortega marvelously models method dressing through encapsulating the spirit of her namesake “Wednesday” character into her style off-screen. Ortega’s collection of gothic-inspired all-black tonal outfits detailed with lace, satin, and modern side cut-outs have taken what could have been portrayed as over-the-top costumery and elevated Wednesday Addams’ trademark style into elegant ensembles that pay homage to historical gothic culture, well beyond the confines of Halloween. Method dressing is meant to be fabulous, fun, and for everyone, no matter the occasion!